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Snoring Hounds Studio
Owner/Engineer David Griffith
Box 433
Somers MT 59932

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We are about photography, and much more. We are a voice, a microphone, a stage, a camera, a sounding board. We will inspire through our actions as well as our message. We will help heal through our words and visual images. The spirit behind Two Seagulls is the same spirit that led founder Dave Bell to pursue the love of photography that struck him while watching a Hawaiian sunrise at age 10.

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A photojournalist since 1992,
Chad's assignments have taken him to nearly 20 countries, from Morocco to Croatia, Bhutan to Vietnam. Chad has worked as the chief photographer for The Missoula Independent since 1999, and he also contributes regularly to book projects and magazines like Paddler, Redbook, the New York Daily News and the Big Sky Journal.

Bill Mize is a past winner of the National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in Winfield, Kansas, and a contributing artist for the Windham Hill Guitar Sampler ...

Mardi Milligan
• Trainer / Facilitator
• Speaker
• Singer / Songwriter

One of Montana's hidden treasures, Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Resort is tucked away at the foot of the Cabinet Mountains midway between Kalispell and Missoula in the western part of the state. This quiet, friendly community was named for the "Big Medicine" hot mineral springs discovered by the northwest Indian tribes and enjoyed by residents and visitors for over 100 years

First Night Missoula - New Year's Eve Celebration of the Arts
New Year's Eve with First Night Missoula is filled with theater, dance, artists, poetry readings, plays, comedy, jazz, rock 'n roll, food, sobriety and ...

The Missoula Folklore Society
Dedicated to promoting, preserving, enjoying and sharing the music, dance, arts, crafts, and skills of contemporary and traditional cultures and generally having a pretty good time.